SvcHost.exe 占用资源 解决方法

后来在英文网站找到,如何查看它关联的方法,运行 tasklist /svc /fi “imagename eq svchost.exe”

C:\Users\ADMIN>tasklist /svc /fi “imagename eq svchost.exe”

Image Name PID Services
========================= ======== ============================================
svchost.exe 808 DcomLaunch, PlugPlay, Power
svchost.exe 924 RpcEptMapper, RpcSs
svchost.exe 992 AudioSrv, Dhcp, eventlog, lmhosts, wscsvc
svchost.exe 384 AudioEndpointBuilder, CscService, hidserv,
Netman, PcaSvc, TrkWks, UxSms, Wlansvc,
svchost.exe 528 Appinfo, AppMgmt, BITS, EapHost, gpsvc,
IKEEXT, iphlpsvc, LanmanServer, MMCSS,
ProfSvc, RasMan, Schedule, SENS,
ShellHWDetection, Themes, Winmgmt, wuauserv
svchost.exe 1084 EventSystem, netprofm, nsi, SstpSvc,
WdiServiceHost, WinHttpAutoProxySvc
svchost.exe 1196 CryptSvc, Dnscache, LanmanWorkstation,
NlaSvc, TapiSrv
svchost.exe 1300 BFE, DPS, MpsSvc, WwanSvc
svchost.exe 1532 FontCache, SCardSvr, SSDPSRV, upnphost
svchost.exe 3648 stisvc
svchost.exe 3148 PolicyAgent
svchost.exe 8776 SDRSVC

对照任务管理器的进程ID,知道是384进程号,看上表是AudioEndpointBuilder, CscService, hidserv,Netman, PcaSvc, TrkWks, UxSms, Wlansvc,wudfsvc这一堆乱其八糟的服务,似乎还是没找到解决方案。


Hi guys,

I got the same problem with Local system network restricted that it chews up my CPU to 80% for doing nothing at the startup on my win 7.

I found out the reason is because of the Superfetch service which pre-loads apps when u start the computer up. Check it out here :

There’s likely a chance that there ‘s a conflict in one of those drivers or dll files of the apps. For my particular laptop is my wireless card’s driver.

So jump into services.msc >> Superfetch >> stop then disable it may help u get away with it.

Hope that helps



参考 和 原来是SuperFetch在搞鬼。停用并禁用,问题解决。

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