About Me

Hi there! I was an international student in USA. I came from China. I lived in Springfield, MO. I like the beautiful sight here.

I am a technical guy, liking programing, internet, movie,music etc.

Woai, in Chinese means I love. I.e, Yinyue Woai means I love music. I create this website to share the interesting thing I like. Also you can share your funny story to me. You can say I love you to the girl/boy. If you want to do so, just send me a mail to info at wo.ai, I can create a separated page for you.

吾与二三子,平生结交深。 俱怀鸿鹄志,昔有鶺鴒心。

逸气假毫翰,清风在竹林。 达是酒中趣,琴上偶然音。



History of this site:




现在这个域名来自于拼音的“我爱”,可以凑成“音乐我爱”,或者向你所喜欢的男孩/女孩表露自己的甜言蜜语,可以联系我info at wo.ai,我可以为你专门建立网页,好东西要大家一起分享,好心情也是一样。

Aaron 2013.01.01



Bachelor of  Kunming University of Science and Technology,

Master of Lanzhou University,

Master of Missouri State University.

15+ years of IT experience.

IT Skill set: Java, PHP, Python, C#, JavaScript, Database etc.

Like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and electronic appliance etc.

Hoping position: IOT, Smart Home related development or management.

Right now, I work on blockchain research.

You can write to me info at wo.ai if you have interest on me.